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Turn Your Data Into Actionable Decisions

VisionCentricTM is a comprehensive and flexible reporting, visualization and data analysis solution, designed to report real-time data from different sources. 

VisionCentric Benefits:

  • Reports are presented in real-time
  • Accessable from intranet or internet
  • Low cost of acquisition
  • Provides interactive and insightful analysis
  • Realizes critical patterns from data by visualizing information with indicators and charts
  • Real-time retrieval of data using tabular or graphical format
  • Unified view of performance metrics and trend analysis in an interactive function
  • Monitors performance and identifies causes of potential issues
  • Allows for a central point of analysis and reporting
  • Ability to connect to multiple data sources and combine them into one view
  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure and technologies

VisionCentric Features:

  • Industry standard, enterprise architecture
  • Zero footprint browser interface
  • Designed with non-technical users in mind, featuring intuitive,
    step-by-step wizards
  • Highly configurable to blood center’s needs
  • Reports grouped by preference, summarized, sorted, and edited
  • Reports can be expanded and exported using
    multiple file formats (PDF, CSV, XLSX, RTF)
  • Analysis with cross tab functions, drag and drop functionality,
    slice and dice, and highlight summaries
  • Simple data filtering
  • Change and search by any data object using multiple search criterion
  • Provides charts in different file formats, easily shared
    across the organization
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