Platelet Manager™

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Platelet Apheresis Manufacturing, Made Easy

Platelet Manager offers an automated solution for platelet apheresis product manufacturing and is a flexible tool that can be optimized by blood centers based on individual process and operating procedures. 

Platelet Manager Benefits & ROI:

  • Increases revenue with flexible splitting workflow and reduces waste
  • Optimizes platelet split rates up to 30%
  • Helps improve QC pass rates for platelet apheresis products
  • Helps reduce errors and associated risk
  • Helps reduce time to split platelets by as much as 75%
  • Helps reduce compliance risk
  • Increases employee productivity

Platelet Manager Features:

  • Automates split charts (DPP/TPP) and calculations used for
    apheresis manufacturing
  • Centralizes tracking of platelet apheresis manufacturing for multiple sites
  • Provides real-time platelet production and testing reports
  • Highly configurable to blood centers' needs
  • Can be integrated with external data systems
  • Provides comprehensive audit trails down to the field level
  • Eliminates the need to manage, process and locate paper or Excel documents
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