QC Manager™

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Enterprise-Level Product QC Compliance and Automation

Along with providing real-time reporting and action alerts, QC Manager, integrates easily with other devices and software to quickly streamline the entire QC process. 

QC Manager Benefits & ROI:

  • Up to 70% reduction in QC effort
  • Reduces QC form processing by up to 20 hours per week
  • Decreases hours for data entry, review, and report preparation
  • Detects process failures for CAPA
  • Tracks the QC cycle with audit trail
  • Robust and extensive record keeping
  • Avoids loss of data and difficulties associated with retrieval
  • Responds to audit requests instantly
  • Integrates with other systems or run independently


QC Manager Features:

  • Meets FDA and AABB standards for product QC
  • Utilizes ScanStatistics, Binomial and Hypergeometric statistical methods
  • Supports multi-site blood centers through centralized management
  • Paperless QC process and forms
  • Automates Calculations
  • Real-time reporting and customized report templates
  • Scalable and modular to suit any budget

1Guidance for Industry : Pre-Storage Leukocyte Reduction of Whole Blood and
Blood Components Intended for Transfusion. Guidance for Industry and FDA
Review Staff : Collection of Platelets by Automated Methods

Collection of Platelets by Automated Methods

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With the increased regulatory compliances and new guidelines, Sigma Blood can help keep a center organized and maintain compliance. It makes life easier not having to manually enter all of the collection information.    


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