Every blood center is unique. Our software is customized to meet those unique needs.

Compliance Driven Focus

Reducing Costs, Increasing Value

We recognize that blood centers are often inhibited in achieving their mission by the cost of industry solutions to suit their needs. Sigma Blood Systems is working tirelessly to ensure that you can have solution choices that fit your budget AND your needs.

We don’t just focus on software products. We take your concepts and mold them in to solutions that meet your specific needs, creating value while reducing cost. We work with our clients to enhance the donor experience, perfect process automation, guide FDA compliance and achieve affordable results that are unsurpassed by others in the industry.

At Sigma Blood Systems, we are value creators, meeting your needs without breaking the bank.

Why Us?

  • We offer a holistic approach to blood center operations.
  • Your vision is our mission – from laying the groundwork to deployment.
  • We customize solutions to meet your specific needs.
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I can't say enough nice things about them [Sigma]. Together, we revamped Sigma software, creating a software package that can be tailored to any facility and their processes and collection platforms. The software is designed to keep in mind centers that collect in multiple locations.